TMDG is a HIPAA compliant firm, made up of diverse professionals, including certified public accountants, attorneys, and others with significant experience in the healthcare industry.

Revenue Recovery and Provider Education

Providers regularly receive administrative, coding, or medical necessity denials from insurers that may be issued in error. In 2013, according to the AMA’s National Health Insurance Report Card, health insurance companies processed claims with an error rate of approximately 7.1%.

Our trained consultants assist health care providers in:

  • Responding to denial determinations from third-party payors
  • Obtaining proper reimbursement for services rendered
  • Improving practices in order to minimize adverse determinations moving forward

Our highly qualified team helps providers understand their denials, and will address denials on behalf of those providers. We are also able to assist providers in responses to external audits. Our team is well-versed in responding to commercial and government payor denials, and identifying those areas where the provider needs to improve its practices to avoid receiving denials in the future.

As a healthcare provider, you want to spend your time assisting the patients you serve,
not dealing with denied claims. Let us help you get back to what really matters. Contact us today.